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Blues Beyond the Basics will immediately start to improve your Blues Soloing and Rhythm playing by introducing modern concepts used by many of today’s top players! 

What You Will Learn:

✅ 9th’s, 13ths’ Major and Minor 7s along with Minor7b5’s....yep those chords and more are used in this course in practical ways with shapes that are in reach to any player at an intermediate level.

✅ Funky single line riffs and chord partials are presented for those times when the song doesn’t call for full voiced chords.

✅ Strumming hand techniques for shuffles, rock and funk styles are covered.

✅ Fills for RnB grooves are taught to add flavor to simple progressions.

✅ You’ll get a 12 bar blues where each chorus will get progressively more sophisticated by highlighting jazzier chord changes and hip lines.

✅ A funky minor blues groove that honors the great fusion players who played on killer records from the 70’s and 80’s.

✅ There are Minor 7 chords, arpeggios and more in this one! Imagine SRV was playing in James Brown’s band. Yep, we got that and this track will definitely help you to “Stand The Weather!”

✅ You’ll learn how to change keys mid solo and, how playing a funky line riff and 2 note chords can be all you need in a tune. 8 bar blues...what? Yeah it’s thing.

✅ You’ll get a fun 8 bar style track with a fun bridge that will remind you of Bill Withers and all of the funky RnB players that made those radio hits so good! This lesson will demonstrate killer examples of mixing and combining Major and Minor Pentatonic.

✅ 90’s era blues rock had more than just great guitar playing. That era had great songs. Clapton had a ton of them and this lesson will pay homage to Love Gone Bad by highlighting phrasing reminiscent of his style along with how to play power chord blues rhythm in a large band setting.

✅ Unique backing tracks for all of the tunes and each performance is fully transcribed with in PDF and Guitar Pro formats.

What's Included?

✅ Over 45 Lessons!

✅ 5+ hours on-demand video

✅ 62 downloadable resources

✅ Full lifetime access

✅ Access on mobile and TV

✅ Answers to questions you have from Corey

TABs, Transcriptions, and Tracks!

Each lesson is transcribed in standard notation and TAB. PDF and Guitar Pro files are available as well as Backing Tracks for each lesson!

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