Discover the Secrets of Eric Clapton's Blues Breaker Era

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Dive into the legendary world of Eric Clapton's early blues mastery with, Just The Licks | Blues Breakers Edition.

This course is an immersive journey into the heart of Clapton's groundbreaking work with John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, an album that redefined electric blues guitar.

✅ Exclusive Focus on Clapton's Blues Breakers Era: Experience the fiery intensity of a 21-year-old Clapton, whose style was influenced by blues legends like Freddie King, Buddy Guy, and Otis Rush.

✅ Curated Selection of Iconic Licks and Techniques: Learn through carefully chosen lessons that spotlight Clapton's most memorable licks, phrasing, and guitar techniques from this landmark album.

✅ In-Depth Analysis of 'Steppin’ Out' Solo: Master the art of maximizing a single pentatonic scale, as exemplified in Clapton's 'Steppin’ Out'—a true minor pentatonic masterclass.

✅ String Bending Mastery: Emulate Clapton’s dynamic string bending styles, from subtle half-steps to dramatic one-and-a-half-step bends, across several instructive lessons.

✅ Double Stop Techniques from 'Hideaway': Discover aggressive double-stop licks from Clapton’s tribute to Freddie King in 'Hideaway,' and learn how to integrate them into your playing.

✅ Personalized Transcription Insights: Benefit from years of transcription experience, focusing on the nuances of Clapton’s playing, and learn how to apply these licks effectively in your guitar playing.

Whether you're a long-time Clapton fan or an aspiring blues guitarist, this course offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the greatest.

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