Over 7 Hours of Blues Rhythm Lessons for One Low Price!

This is your chance to get BOTH Beginner Blues Rhythm and Intermediate Blues Rhythm for one low price.

These courses are the perfect pairing for anyone just getting into Blues Guitar!

Beginner Blues Rhythm is a true Beginner course so, don't worry if some of the chords, techniques and concepts are new. Many of the examples are at slow tempos so that you can build confidence and make music quickly. We'll even work on a few songs to add to your repertoire. I'll show you how to apply everything necessary to succeed and, prepare you to move on to Intermediate Blues Rhythm Guitar! 

Intermediate Blues Rhythm is a a direct companion to my Beginning Blues Rhythm Guitar. This course will be a natural progression from the basics you may already know and, will fully prepare you to play just about any blues song.

The chords, grooves and concepts I teach in this course are ones that I continue to use to this day. Even though this is an Intermediate course, I'm confident you can use any of these ideas to play in a band, along side backing tracks, or even accompany yourself.

Most players that want to play blues understand that you'll need to know many types of chord shapes. They also get confused as to when to incorporate 9th chords and riff based rhythms. I cover all of that in this course with the same type of thorough explanation you may have seen in Beginning Blues Rhythm Guitar!